15 April 2019

Makris @ Euroluce

This year, for the first time, Makris took part in Euroluce with a wealth of new products.

The attention given to design can be also be seen in the project of the same stand. The structure develops upwards through vertical three-dimensionsional ridges; a movement that represents the connection between earth and sky and between earth and light, undisputed protagonist. In the same way, the passage of light through ridges represents clarity and transparency, also evident in the choice of displaying the products outside the stand, along the perimeter of the structure.

A trait-d’union that unites the products is the presence of several cutting-edge technologies integrated with them. They interact with the environment through the wireless technologies Zigbee by Philips Hue and Ble (Bluetooth Low Energy) by Casambi, while they guarantee a natural light experience (HCL – Human Centric Light) through the Tunable White technology. Other features are the presence and light sensors, voice-control and audio function.

7 new design products were presented at Euroluce.

You can find them on “The Corlor Issue“, Makris newspaper dedicated to Euroluce.

Thanks also to you for sharing this experience with us!