3 May 2019

The design semplicity of BEA

Fitting into a space discreetly: this is the objective of Bea, the new suspension lamp designed for Makris.

Refined, essential, compact and technologically advanced, this luminaire features two distinct elements. The lower part is an extruded aluminium body that holds the technological heart of
the lamp: dark light lenses and integrated drivers that allow dimming and tunable white. The top part, with tunable white dimmable light, is the diffuser element of the lamp. Its dark lines strongly contrast with the rest of the structure, releasing light that softens the environment and bathes it in a soft glow that avoids unpleasant differences in brightness.

Bea is “designed simplicity” enhanced with a large degree of flexibility that makes it the perfect choice for every room in the office or at home.

Watch the interview with the designer Andrea Benedetto.

Product  overview.