6 April 2020

Koal: a universe of linear light

Ideal for Fashion Retail, this is an all-in-one linear system that integrates multiple types of lighting: direct, indirect, diffused and accent.

Its H profile structure can host both on the lower and upper part a series of lighting fixtures which are independent of each other. They are managed separately in order to emphasise points in the store or products in all their details or to illuminate, in a balanced fashion, the circulation and relaxation spaces. Specifically, on the top it is possible to add a three-phase track where to install different types of projectors: amongst them ILIOS UP stands out, as it is specially designed for this system. In addition, the underlying section can accommodate light sources for diffused or accent lighting, which is adjustable and customisable. The element can be inserted in a stand-alone set-up or in a continuous row.

Download Koal pdf

KOAL overview.