27 May 2019

Bell, a snapshot of a movement.

Bell is a snapshot of a movement. Its truncated cone shape replicates that of a bell when its oscillation has been captured in a precise instant. The lamp orientation suggests the idea of dynamism and balance, in stark contrast with its dimensions, which suggest a larger static structure.

The material and treatment options emphasise the ambiguity underlying the concepts. Wood and metal are two traditionally heavy materials, although in Bell, they are worked into thin sheets and then bonded and curved to define a portion of space. This creates an illusion of reducing the actual volume to the viewer. Despite its essential beauty, this fixture is able to trigger a series of reflections rooted in the irony of contrasts. This fixture is perfect for large public spaces in dynamic groups of three or four, oriented to enhance the aesthetics of the whole environment.

Bell has been designed by Area-17 and can be used alone or in groups for aesthetic solutions.

Every detail of this luminaire has been carefully designed.

Product overview.