4 June 2020

Check-out area: coordinated image and functionality

Makris places lighting and its skilful design at the centre of the scene to engage the visitor with sensory and perceptive stimuli, which are increasingly important both in Food and in Fashion Retail. An emotional power that captures the attention right from the entrance: the checkout area, for example, becomes an element of coherent and captivating communication for the consumer as well as recognition of the Retail brand. The result is granted by a customised design, combined with the creation of customised lighting solutions. Worthy of note, in this sense, are PAGODA and DART NUMBER, which makes the character of the check-out area distinctive, while enhancing the sign logo.

Drawing inspiration from the oldest form of Buddhist architecture, this concept is a structure reaching upwards where light becomes a tangible, almost material element, which enhances the check-out area.

Functional evolution of the Makris DART solution, it is characterised by the inclusion of a backlit numerical section on the three sides, front and side, of the lighting fixture. Moreover, it offers the possibility to insert a logo, which is also backlit, in the coating that can be customised with coloured adhesive film.

Download chek-out area pdf.